Postpartum Exercise Tips

How to Protect your Postpartum Body from Falling Apart

How to Protect your Postpartum Body from Falling Apart

We are so excited to be offering a brand new workshop/series in our space next month: New Parent Ergonomics Workshop and Series.  Taught by Robin Naughton, owner of Breathe Fitness, expectant parents and parents of newborns/infants/toddlers will learn practical exercises to protect their bodies from breakdown (due to repetitive movements from typical parent-related tasks) and tips on how to integrate them into your everyday routine.

Here is an excerpt from Robin, talking about her new workshop/series!

Tackle your Postpartum Trouble Spots: Arms

Written by guest blogger, Autumn Bonner

Hi Moms! Are you starting to feel more toned and tight from our first 2 trouble spot workouts?  In case you missed them, check out my previous articles about how to tone your tummy and your butt.  Today we complete the program by tackling our arms!  

Your arms are actually one of the few parts of your body that doesn’t go through major change during pregnancy, but the normal weight gain that comes along with growing a baby may have left you with a wiggly wave.  You know the kind I mean, when you wave and then your under arm keeps waving?  To get rid of the extra fat and tone those guns, it takes the same 3 keys: toning, cardio, and healthy eating. 

Tackle Your Postpartum Trouble Spots - Butt

Written by guest blooger, Autumn Bonner, co-owner and co-founder of My Tailored Fitness.

Hi Moms!  Autumn here from Tailored Fitness back this week to help us tackle our next trouble spot, the Butt, with a baby-wearing workout you’ll love.  If you missed our first post about how to tone the tummy, you can check it out here, Tackle Your Postpartum Trouble Spots: Tummy.  

Exercising After Baby Just Got a lot Easier

Last week, we featured Autumn Bonner, of Tailored Fitness, as a guest blogger about Breastfeeding and Exercise.  We thought her business was so amazing that we wanted to share it with you!  The best thing about Tailored Fitness.... it is all online so you can access it anytime, anywhere!  Here’s my recent interview with Autumn.



When did you first become interested in fitness for moms? 

I have always known that I wanted to be a mom and when we began planning for a family, I started looking into how I could continue to teach exercise classes with my baby.  I came across Stroller Strides, which is a fitness program for moms, that was started right here in San Diego. It combines my passion for kids, exercise, and being outside.  I immediately fell in love with the moms and really enjoy being a part of helping them take better care of themselves. While teaching Stroller Strides, I saw how quickly the kids picked up on exercises we were doing. We would often see the kids practicing their push-ups and sit-ups while playing.  I realized that the moms in my class were setting a powerful example of health for their kids, just like my parents did for me!