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Postpartum Consultations


In-home 90-minute private consultation - starting at $195

In-Office or virtual 90-minute private consultation - starting at$130

Twins, add $25  

If this fee is unaffordable, we have a foundation that provides reduced-fee consultations. Please contact our office for more information ( for more information.

These private lactation visits are for the breastfeeding parent (and their partners) who are having breastfeeding challenges.

What Takes Place at a Postpartum Breastfeeding Consultation?

  • Baby's suck is evaluated for strength and range of motion

  • Breastfeeding position and latch are assessed

  • Baby is weighed before and after the feeding to see how much breastmilk was transferred

  • Breastfeeding parent and baby are given a customized Plan of Care

  • Breastfeeding parent receives a follow-up email within 48 hours

  • This consultation may take place in the hospital, in the home, or in our office

Some insurance policies will cover the cost of a lactation consultation; all consultations will include paperwork to file with your insurance company and a report sent to your primary care provider(s).  If you have Aetna PPO, Tricare Standard, Tricare Select, or have received an authorization to see us from UCSD Managed Care, we will bill your insurance for you.


Some issues that indicate a postpartum consultation :

  • Baby not latching on or nursing well within 24 hours of birth

  • Tongue-tie

  • Nipple pain and/or damage

  • Engorged breasts

  • Sleepy baby that does not feed at least 8 times in 24 hours

  • Slow weight gain - infant has not returned to birth weight by 14 days of age

  • Plugged ducts or red, painful areas on breast

  • Breastfeeding parent suspects a low milk supply

  • Nursing multiples

  • Preemies

  • Sick and/or hospitalized infants

  • Inducing lactation for adopted or intended child

Wondering if your baby has a tongue tie or lip tie?

Check out our article: Does my Baby Have Tethered Oral Tissue (TOTs)?

To book an in-home or virtual postpartum consultation, please call 619-724-4117 or email

To book an in-office postpartum consultation, use the link below: