Prenatal Consultations


In-Home 60-minute prenatal consultation - starting at $135

In-Office or virtual 60-minute prenatal consultation - starting at $90

These private visits are for the breastfeeding parent (and partner) who has a predisposed possibility of lactation difficulty or have a history of difficulties breastfeeding in the past.

What Takes Place at a Prenatal Consultation?

Possible breastfeeding challenges will be discussed and the mother will receive a personalized plan for Successful Breastfeeding.

Some insurance policies will cover the cost of a lactation consultation; all consultations will include paperwork to file with your insurance company. If you have Aetna PPO, Tricare Standard, Tricare Select, or have received an authorization to see us from UCSD Managed Care, we will bill your insurance for you.


Some issues that indicate a prenatal consultation:

  • Previous difficulties breastfeeding

  • Previous child with severe jaundice

  • History of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

  • Maternal diabetes and/or gestational diabetes

  • Maternal history of infertility

  • Inverted nipples

  • Inducing lactation for adopted or intended child

To book an in-home or virtual prenatal consultation, please call 619-724-4117 or email  

To book an in-office prenatal consultation, use the link below: