So, What's in your Latch book, Robin?

Since we announced the release of my new book, Latch: A Handbook to Breastfeeding with Confidence at Every Stage, many of our readers have asked what they can expect to find in the book.  Well, let me tell you!

First we start off with how to prepare for breastfeeding.  Most of us spend months preparing for the birth of our child, but don't give much thought about what happens after our baby is born.  So, this book starts off with the basics of how milk production works, all about latching, as well as how to put together your Dream Team of Support for once your little one is earth side.

Then, we move into what to expect during those first two weeks after birth, which we know can feel the most overwhelming.  Hormones aplenty coupled with learning the new task of taking care of your newborn (and yourself!) can sometimes knock down our self esteem and make us second guess everything that we are doing.  This chapter will give you the tools to know what's normal (and not), what to expect, the multitude of breastfeeding positions out there, and where to go if you feel like you need more support and guidance.

The next chapter looks at the ways your breastfeeding journey can change and morph during  the next 2.5 months.  Babies begin to feed more effectively and efficiently.  Parents begin to gain back confidence when they see that their dedication is starting to show positive results.  Plus, you begin to get into a rhythm with your baby, which feels more predictable (aka magical!)  There still may be a few bumps along the path, which this chapter will help you solve, but things should continue to get easier and easier.  Now is the time when families begin to offer bottles, become friends with their pumps, start breastfeeding in public, and feel more comfortable with breastfeeding in general. 

The last three chapters look at going back to work strategies, typical infant sleep patterns and behaviors, introducing solids, and eventually weaning.  

My favorite part of the book is the personal stories from other breastfeeding moms.  There is such a sense of comfort when hearing that someone has gone what you have gone through.  That's why we seek out these connections in local groups and/or online.  We need to feel heard and that others have experienced what we are experiencing.  Plus, the determination and courage that these families share is awe-inspiring!

So, now is your chance to get a sneak peek of the book!  Check out some common myths and misconceptions about breastfeeding, straight from Latch!  You will have to buy the book to read the rest!  

Thanks for all of your support and please enjoy this first view of Latch!