Podcast and Personal Stories about Tongue Ties and Lip Ties

Written by Robin Kaplan, M.Ed, IBCLC

Last week on The Boob Group, I had the esteemed pleasure of interviewing one of the most prominent experts on tongue ties and lip ties, Catherine Watson Genna.  Catherine has written multiple articles and books about the mechanics of the tongue while breastfeeding, as well as the breastfeeding challenges that can occur when a baby has a tongue or lip tie.  One of her earliest articles was written for the American Academy of Pediatrics, helping to bring awareness to this subject for the practitioners who babies see the most.

Click here to listen to The Boob Group's podcast episode: Tongue Ties and Lip Ties: Symptoms, Treatment, and Aftercare.


Here is a list of SDBFC's articles about tongue ties and lip ties, including serveral personal memoirs from breastfeeding mothers who experienced this with their children.

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The Tongue Tie/Lip Tie Challenge

What a Difference a Tongue Tie Revision Can Make

Breastfeeding After a Tongue Tie Revision


If you have a story to share about breastfeeding a child with a tongue or lip tie, whether you have the revision procedure or not, please send it to Robin Kaplan (robinkaplan@sdbfc.com)