Breastfeeding on YouTube

YouTube videos are the wave of the future, or so I'm told by my favorite social media gurus (yes, that's you, Amber McCann and Jeanette McCulloch!)  Apparently it is where many of the new mamas are looking for information about breastfeeding.  Who knew?  So, what does this mean for the San Diego Breastfeeding Center???

Well, let us tell you!  

Ashley and I have partnered up with Sunny Gault, from New Mommy Media, to create some fresh, informative, simple instructional breastfeeding videos.  Want to know how to do the side lying position so you can breastfeed in bed?  Want to know how to hand express?  Those are just a few of the 2-3 minutes tutorial videos we are recording and editing right now!  

Our adorable YouTube stars

Here's how you can help!

As we begin to create our brand new YouTube channel, we want to hear all of your ideas about breastfeeding topics you think we should create a video for.  Nipple shields, paced bottle-feeding, breastfeeding in a carrier... you name it and we will create it (within reason, of course!)  It's time to crowd source.  We need our village of creative mamas right now.  

If you have an idea for a YouTube breastfeeding tutorial video, please share in the comments.  We will add it to our ever growing list of video topics.

And, stay tuned for the launch of our brand new YouTube channel, DYI Breastfeeding!