Inducing Lactation Breastfeeding Consultation

In-Home 60-minute prenatal consultation - $125; In-Office 60-minute prenatal consultation - $80

These private visits are for mothers (and their partners) who are inducing lactation for an intended baby born by surrogate or through adoption.  Ideally, this consultation would take place several months before the baby is born, although that is not mandatory.

What Takes Place at an Inducing Lactation Consultation?

  • A personalized plan of care will be created for mom (and partner) based on which methods mom would like to try to induce lactation, both before the baby is born, as well as after.
  • Demonstration of how to use an electric pump
  • Demonstration of how to use a supplemental nursing system
  • Discussion of medication and herbal options 

To book an in-home Induced Lactation consultation, please call 619-606-2211 or email  To book an in-office Induced Lactation consultation, please click here and sign up for a Prenatal consultation: