Help a Mama Out: Tips for Breastfeeding the Distracted Baby

Over the past few months I have been posting readers' questions on our Facebook page and have been blown away by the fantastic advice and support you have shared.  The downfall with Facebook, though, is that eventually the terrific advice will work its way down the wall and succumb into Facebook oblivion, never to be found again.  

Well, that's just a travesty!

So, here is what we're going to do....

Each week I will post a topic and question (or maybe a few!) on the San Diego Breastfeeding Center and The Boob Group Facebook pages.  At the end of the week, I will collect all of YOUR fabulous breastfeeding mama advice and tips and place them into a blog post, which I will share the following Tuesday!  Now your breastfeeding expertise and support will be documented and saved for moms to cherish and learn from, even years from now!