Traveling While Breastfeeding

You Know You Are a Breastfeeding Mother When...

Cyndi: You have to plan your work meetings around your pumping schedule.

Sherry: You walk around the house for a few minutes before realizing you never put your boob away.

April: All your shirts open in the front.

Amy: You go to run a 10k and pack your pump as part of your post-race routine.

Kelly: Every shirt you own had a stain from leaking over one or both breasts.

Amy: You workout and apologize to your friends for smelling like a mixture of sweat and milk due to random let downs.

Dana: You are happy to have limo tint on the back windows of your car because you spend so much time pumping in the back seat.

KC: Your husband wakes up to a ‘peep show’ and you’re passed out.

Christine: Your knit shirts are all stretched out because of your toddler reaching down and grabbing for self service.

Bethany: You feel your boobs all day to see which one needs to be nursed from next.

Angelique: You fear the mailman has had a free peep show, but you don’t even care.

Melissa: You question how much milk spillage is acceptable on a shirt before you change it.... and the answer is A LOT!

Ruthii: When sitting next to you becomes a splash zone.

Jennifer: You catch your toddler breastfeeding her dolly.

Jennifer: You walk out the front door and reflexively grab your chest to make sure your boobs aren’t hanging out!

Julie: When you cry over spilling an ounce of milk on the counter.

Suzanne: You use your milk as a cure everything from sunburns to eye and ear infections. Breast milk is the equivalent to Windex from the film "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."

Ashley: You’re excited for a date night because it means you don’t have to choose your clothes based on which are the easiest to take off in public.

Jacqueline: Your boobs are often lopsided.

Alethra: When hunger, tiredness, getting hurt, or any other dilemma is solved and smoothed over with whipping out the boob.  Problem solved!

Brittany: You’re in public and when you hear a baby start to cry, your first thought is, “Oh, man!  I hope I put on my breast pads today!”

Angela: When you bring your breast pump on your Vegas trip and plan everything around your pumping schedule.  Times have changed!