Tight Frenulum

How Can a Tight Frenula Affect Breastfeeding?

Tongue-ties and tight frenula are definitely a hot topic among breastfeeding moms and lactation consultants.  While I had never heard of these 6 and 7 years ago, when my kids were born, they are now the FIRST thing I check for during a lactation consultation when a mother is describing painful breastfeeding and pinched, damaged nipples.  And, while a tight frenulum is not always going to cause breastfeeding challenges, there are many breastfeeding mothers who are in excruciating pain even when their babies seem to have the ‘perfect’ latch.


So what are the signs of a tight frenulum, for both mom and baby? 

When should a baby’s parents consider clipping their baby’s tight frenulum? 

How can this surgery (frenotomy) improve breastfeeding?


A few weeks ago I had the esteemed pleasure of interviewing one of the top ENTs in San Diego about the effect of tight frenula on breastfeeding.  Dr. James Ochi, of Children’s ENT of San Diego answered all of these questions and more.  Plus, the three breastfeeding moms in the studio were able to share their experiences as mothers with tongue-tied babies.


Click here to listen to our episode Tight Frenula and Breastfeeding


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