Introducing Allergens

Introducing the Top 8 Allergens to Infants

Written by Rachel Rothman, MS, RD, CLEC

A frequent question I encounter in my practice and in my Introduction to Solids classes, is how to introduce foods that may be allergenic to babies.  The last 15 years have brought significant attention to allergens, and most parents are now keenly aware of the risks.  However, a drumbeat of new research published on the causes of allergies and allergy prevention has brought new strategies to light and debunked old myths. Until 2008, the American Association of Pediatrics recommended that parents delay exposing infants to certain allergens until after one year of age. The guideline changed because after a review of research and patient outcomes, there was no evidence for waiting. I help many moms and dads make sense of this new world, as they are understandably cautious about what this all means for their child.