How Going Gluten-Free Saved Our Family

As parents, we believe that our children are perfect.  Yes, they can be little monsters every once in a while, but it is a tough pill to swallow when we find out that our child may have some challenges that need to be addressed. 

My sweet little Ben was born after a long, arduous labor.  We had our share of breastfeeding challenges in the beginning, but after 2 weeks we had mastered our latch and I was flowing with breastmilk.  His massive amounts of spit-up were somewhat concerning to me, but he was gaining weight, so his pediatrician was not concerned.  When Ben was 6 weeks old, I went to a local breastfeeding support group to find out why he was so fussy, gassy, and constantly puking.  The lactation consultant recommended that I remove dairy from my diet, which I did haphazardly, to no avail (obviously!)