Excess Lipase

Battling and Resolving Excess Lipase in Breastmilk

While it is unknown how common it is for a mother to have excess lipase in her breast milk, causing it to smell or taste soapy, I come across it often enough that I thought it would be helpful to share how to deal with it, from a mom's perspective.    Christina Williams was gracious enough to write this article, walking us through her journey battling and resolving her issue with excess lipase and her baby who refused to take a bottle, even when she went back to work.  Thank you so much, Christina, for sharing your knowledge and determination!


In preparation to be a first-time mom, I’d been tearing through books and following countless blogs for months prior to my daughter’s arrival. I was sure I had everything in order and was ready for anything motherhood had to throw at me. I could distinguish common rashes from those that are more worrisome, had memorized the slide deck of normal infant poop, and had figured out the optimal wash routine for my growing collection of cloth diapers. Was I prepared to do the seemingly simple task of giving my new baby a bottle after we established our breastfeeding relationship? The thought hadn’t even crossed my mind.