I’ve Had My Baby - Now What?: Breastfeeding During the First Week

Welcome to our new series, I’ve Had My Baby - Now What?  This is a guide with basic information to help you navigate the first days, weeks, and months of breastfeeding your new baby.  


Today we would like to talk about that first week after your baby has arrived.  Breastfeeding can often seem overwhelming and  unfamiliar.  New moms often receive a *huge* amount of differing advice from many well-intentioned people, which can be incredibly confusing and discouraging.  Below is a quick guideline to what “normal” breastfeeding looks like, as well as some examples of when things aren’t going as they should and when you might want to seek help.

Common Concerns While Breastfeeding - Help! I’m Engorged!

Welcome to our blog series…. Common Concerns While Breastfeeding.  These aren’t the complicated, ‘come-to-my-house-immediately’ phone calls I receive.  Rather, these are the questions that come from clients and friends in the middle of the night, by text or by email, that don’t necessarily warrant a lactation consultation.  They can often be easily resolved with a few simple tricks.  So, I would like to share those tricks with you!

Check Out My Cleavage!

I remember the first time I knew my milk had ‘come in.’ It was 4am.  My son was 4 days old.  And I woke up to my breasts looking like I had visited the local plastic surgeon a few hours prior.  I immediately woke up my husband and announced with pride, “Take a look at this cleavage!”  Even without a bra I had cleavage!  It was amazing!

Several hours later, those taut, perky breasts had become quite sore and I was searching for any remedy to help soften their powerful fullness.  I knew that they weren’t engorged, but I also didn’t want to get to that point of challenging return.