Breastmilk Storage

Tips for Mothers Who Exclusively Pump

Article written by guest blogger, Misti Ryan

Whether exclusive pumping is a decision or a necessity due to surrounding circumstances, there are several things you can do to make your efforts more successful.


Start early 

We know that the earlier after birth you begin expressing, milk production is set up for long-term success.  Hand expression of colostrum is often more effective than pumping in the early days and can increase your milk supply even when you begin using a pump.  You may not reach full production until around 10 days, so be patient as amounts in the early days may be very small. Here’s a fantastic video from Jane Morton at Stanford University, demonstrating Hand Expression


Why Does My Milk Smell Sour?


This weekend my hubby wanted to give our son a bottle, so I thawed some milk that was pumped mid-February (2 months ago). When I was putting it in the bottle it smelled sour like spit-up. Why is that? He still ate it and it didn't make him sick. Is my milk bad? That was the oldest milk I have so I thought it would be fine still.

Thank you!



Dear Natalie,

There are many reasons why your milk may smell sour.