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Toddler Nursing and How it Helped Me Manage My Circus – Pt I.

Written by guest blogger, Andrea J. Blanco, IBCLC

When my first son was a baby, he absolutely hated car rides. On a trip to the bookstore, I came across Dr. Seuss’ “All Aboard the Circus McGurkus!.” I read that book to him every day and soon came to find the only thing to keep him calm during those car rides was my reciting lines from the book.

“The Circus McGurkus, the World’s Greatest Show. On the face of the Earth or wherever you go…” 

My son is seven now and I still remember most of the lines. So, when I asked a group of moms to give me one word to describe toddler nursing in preparation for this post, imagine my delight in realizing their answers could fit right into our beloved book:

“Amazing. Demanding. A Haven. Stupendous.”

“Loving. Convenient. Tantrum Fixer. Endless.”

Ok, so maybe no one said “stupendous”. But, you get the idea.