About Robin

Reminiscing About My Son's Birth

As I rested with my son, Ryan, tonight, I told him the story of the day he was born, exactly 6 years ago.  How he entered this world so peacefully and beautifully and how grateful I am that he is my son.  My eyes filled up with tears as I hugged his sweet little body, my heart feeling like it would explode right out of my chest.  There are no words to fully describe the way I love this little guy and his birth was just the beginning.

6 years and 9 months ago, I found out that I was pregnant with my soon-to-be Ryan.  Ben was 7 months old and I had just returned to work full time.  Let’s just say that SHOCKED cannot even begin to describe how I felt when that little stick had two lines.  We knew we wanted to have at least 2 children, but never thought it would happen this soon!  Feelings of guilt filled my heart as I thought about how I had robbed Ben of months where he would be an only child.  Panic set in when I counted how many months apart my kids would be (15!!!)  How would I tell my boss?  How would I tell my parents?  Most importantly, how would it be possible for me to love another human being as much as I loved my 7-month-old Ben?  I just wasn’t ready!

The Lactation Consultant Who Changed My Life

On March 7, 2012, International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) globally will celebrate their 11th official Annual IBCLC Day.  The theme for this year’s celebration isIBCLCs Make an Impact and this powerful statement definitely rings true in my life.

Six and a half years ago, an amazing, gentle IBCLC entered my home and changed the course of my life forever.  My son, Ben, was 4 days old.  I had just returned home from the pediatrician’s office and breastfeeding was NOT going well at all.  My fuller milk had not ‘come in’ yet.  My nipples were completely torn to shreds.  My son wanted to eat non-stop and my sanity had started to wane.