Boob Group Podcast Roundup - New Parent Support


Welcome to the Boob Group Podcast Roundup!  As many of you know, Robin was the original host of the Boob Group podcast and hosted the first 112 episodes!  There was so much amazing breastfeeding and pumping advice and research shared during those 2.5 years, so Robin has decided to reshare these episodes with all of you in a monthly roundup!  

This month we are featuring 4 episodes that review the importance of support during breastfeeding and where you can turn to find that help. 

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Having a baby changes relationships we have with our partners, family, and friends. Obviously you don’t need a partner to have a baby, but having additional support during the postpartum period, and especially on our breastfeeding journey, is crucial. They say “it takes a village” to raise a baby, but with modern society and many of us living far from home, it can leave us feeling pretty isolated.


In these episodes, we discussed ways to ask for help and find support from a variety of local and online resources! For those of us with partners, it’s crucial for them to know how important they are in making our breastfeeding experience both positive and successful. We need not only cheerleaders, but people who will relieve us of stress and know how to assist us each step of the way. On top of that, we also need to be connected with other breastfeeding parents who are going through similar experiences! We’ll review the multiple ways to find a new mom community -  whether it’s through an online forum, a local support group, or a facebook page for breastfeeding mamas.  


We’ll talk about how to find a group that best suits your needs, what expectations you can have before joining, and the amazing benefits of connecting with other new parents. We hope to inspire you to reach out and find your support because we are all right there with you!