Positive Breastfeeding in Public Stories

Written by Ashley Treadwell, IBCLC


So much of what we hear about feeding our babies in public is negative - stories from women being harassed and shamed for breastfeeding in public.  While we believe that it is so important to respond to these incidents and educate people on the importance of normalizing breastfeeding, we also think that one of the best ways we can empower women is to share our positive experiences as well.  Below is one of many examples of wonderful responses women receive while feeding their babies in public - meet Briana!

"So I'm at Ross today with the toddler and baby when baby gets fussy and hungry. I let the kiddo try on big girl shoes in the ladies dept while I nursed baby. But a woman and her 'tween came down our aisle and hovered. I wasn't covered up and panicked for a second thinking that this may be my first altercation regarding NIP.

NOPE. The super sweet lady said I was doing a great job--and the most important one. She breastfed all 3 of her babies. I felt such a sense of connection and gratitude. I had a hard time not crying and hugging her.

I've never had anything but support from family, friends and strangers, but this was really touching today.

Just wanted to share a happy story, and write a little blessing to the wonderful woman who made my day. May she feel the love that I felt from her today, every day."


Do you have a positive breastfeeding in public experience to share?  Please send it to us at ashleytreadwell@sdbfc.com