What Every Mom Should Know About Breastfeeding During the Early Weeks

How much breast milk does my baby need per feeding?
What is common nursing behavior for a newborn?
How will I know that my baby is getting enough?

As a new mom, these are common questions that you may ask your pediatrician, midwife, postpartum nurse, family, and friends and GUESS WHAT..... they may all have a different answer!


How complicated is that?  

Sometimes you may feel like there are ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’ and that all of the advice you receive contradicts what you just heard from someone else 5 minutes ago. 


Talk about frustrating! 

Well, one of our goals at the San Diego Breastfeeding Center is to make breastfeeding as seamless and uncomplicated as possible.  We want to empower moms with knowledge and confidence to get breastfeeding off to a great start!

After listening to local moms express discontent about hearing contradictory breastfeeding information, we decided to do something about it.   First, we canvased our local breastfeeding mamas and asked, “What information do you wish you would have known about breastfeeding during those early weeks?”  Then we hired one of those awesome mamas, Elisa Suter, of Paper Doll Design Studios, to design a brochure that shares our top tips that every mom (and pediatrician) should know about breastfeeding during the early weeks.

Here is the final product!  Isn’t it beautiful?  We hope that this brochure provides the clear, consistent, evidence-based breastfeeding information our mamas are looking for.  


If you live in San Diego and would like us to deliver these brochures to your pediatrician's office, please email us at robinkaplan@sdbfc.com

If you live outside of San Diego and would like to order the Adobe file to personalize this brochure for YOUR local pediatricians and clients, please email us at robinkaplan@sdbfc.com