Breastfeeding Expectations for the First Month

Do you remember what breastfeeding was like during those first few weeks after your baby was born? 

I personally remember feeling somewhat clumsy and awkward, as if my son and I were trying to master a new dance without stepping on each other’s toes.  Our rhythm was slightly off.   I constantly relied on my breastfeeding pillow and there was absolutely no dependable schedule.  I was forced to switch off my Type-A brain and learn to go with the flow, which was quite a challenge for me, to say the least!

Yet, as the months went by our breastfeeding relationship changed.  In most ways, it improved immensely, as I became a more confident mother and caregiver.  In other ways, different nuances surfaced, which taught me that breastfeeding, like parenting, is constantly in a state of motion and sometimes in need of modifications.

Listening to other breastfeeding mothers, I realized that my experience was super common.  We all found that our breastfeeding relationships with our children changed dramatically from the time our babies were born to the time they eventually weaned.  Breastfeeding a 6-week old was drastically different than breastfeeding a 9-month old or toddler, and all of the months in between.  And, what helped make these transitions manageable was knowing now common and normal these experiences truly were.


Today, on The Boob Group online radio show, I am excited to announce a NEW SERIES called Breastfeeding Expectations! 

For the next 12 months, we will be following three new mothers along their breastfeeding journeys, learning how they cope with breastfeeding challenges and settle into a breastfeeding rhythm with their babies.  Jenn, Anney, and Cherri have graciously offered to share their stories, including both their successes and their struggles, as we document what it has been like for them to breastfeed their babies.

Please click here for the first episode of Breastfeeding Expectations: The First Month

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What did breastfeeding look like for you and your baby during that first month?

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

What did you enjoy the most during that first month of breastfeeding?