How Can I Respond to My Pediatrician Who is Not Supportive of Breastfeeding?

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Any advice for responding to doctors when they are unsupportive of breastfeeding past the first few months or uneducated about it (such as believing it causes cavities, etc.)?  Thank you in advance!




Dear Theresa,

My first response would be, "Can I have my records, please?"  

I hope that doesn't sound too harsh, but pediatricians are supposed to be one of the main practitioners you can turn to with regards to the health of your child.  If your instincts are telling you that this professional is not up-to-date on one of the best ways to keep your child healthy (BREASTMILK!!!), then I would look for another practitioner who has read some research since 1970.  

Our family has changed doctors many times over the past few years, as I wanted to make sure that we were getting the best, most research-based care possible.  I was tired of explaining my preferences for vaccinations and antibiotics.  Now, going to the doctor is a pleasure, as I am respected participant in the decision-making for the health of our family.

Now, as for articles to share with any practitioner about the benefits of breastmilk past a few months, here are a few of my favorite:

Natural Resources Defense Council: Benefits of Breastfeeding

American Academy of Pediatrics: Breastfeeding and the Use of Human Milk The Many Benefits of Breastfeeding (Resources)