Laid-back Breastfeeding: Physically and Mentally

Breastfeeding has gotten way too complicated!  As mothers, we second guess everything and voraciously search for advice on the Internet, in books, and from friends and family.  Sometimes we receive unsolicited advice, which is a whole different story!  But, when it comes to breastfeeding, there is so much information out there about what to do and what NOT to do, it can drive a mom batty!

Which pillow should I buy?  
Should I use the cradle hold or the football hold?  
Do I need to start pumping in the hospital?

I was so pleased when I saw this article on the Best for Babes blog entitled, The Latest on Latching.  The gist of this article is this:

  • Relaxed breastfeeding!Moms should lay back and relax (think lazy-boy chair)
  • Bring your baby onto your chest, with his/her whole body turned to you
  • Snuggle your baby to your breast and watch the magic happen

Yes, this may sound too easy to be true and sometime it is.  Sometimes moms are born with babies that need a little extra assistance in the breastfeeding realm.....that's a perfect time to call in a lactation consultant for help.  But, it is worth a try to start off calm, relaxed, positive, and see what your baby can do.  You might be pleasantly surprised!

And you can most likely forget about the nursing pillow.  Bed pillows are cheaper and less complicated.  Just my opinion!

Did you find that the advice you received about breastfeeding made things more complicated then they had to be?  What would you recommend to a pregnant friend to help get breastfeeding off to a great start?