Nighttime Weaning

Nighttime Weaning

Written by Anna Choi, IBCLC

A few months ago, when my youngest daughter was between 15 and 18 months old, I found myself hitting a rough patch in terms of sleep deprivation. After almost a year and half of waking up throughout the night to nurse her back to sleep, I was exhausted and frustrated. “It’s time to night wean,” I told my husband. I had been hoping and hoping she would start sleeping through the night on her own after her first birthday, but it hadn’t happened yet and I was at the end of my rope. I loved the amazing breastfeeding relationship we had built and was nervous to make a change, but knew it was needed.

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SDBFC Foundation Logo Contest

Are you a graphic designer?

Are you passionate about breastfeeding?

Do you want to design a logo for our newly created nonprofit, the San Diego Breastfeeding Center Foundation?

Source: United States Breastfeeding Committee

Source: United States Breastfeeding Committee


The San Diego Breastfeeding Center (SDBFC) Foundation JUST received the 501(c)3 nonprofit designation and we are in desperate need for a logo for our website and marketing materials.  Since we are a brand new nonprofit, we are understandably low on funds, so we are looking for an in-kind donation from a generous graphic designer who would love to donate his/her time and expertise to further our mission to provide lactation support to ALL mothers and babies in San Diego!


Here are the details for the logo contest:

1. You must incorporate the words: San Diego Breastfeeding Center Foundation.

2. The logo must include an image.

3. The entire logo must be original artwork and cannot be copied from any other source.

4. The winner must allow the San Diego Breastfeeding Center Foundation to use the logo on the San Diego Breastfeeding Center website, as well as on all of the SDBFC Foundation materials and social media, without compensation or restriction of rights.  The San Diego Breastfeeding Center Foundation will have any and all rights regarding the logo. 

5. All applicants must submit their logo (as a jpeg) to by midnight (PST) October 8, 2016.

6. The winner will be announced on October 14, 2016 and will have a link to their website (if applicable) on the San Diego Breastfeeding Center Foundation web page.

We are so excited to see what you create for us!  Thank you, in advance, for your time and dedication to help us provide breastfeeding consultations for low-income families. 

Understanding Infant Sleep - 6 weeks to 4 months

Understanding Infant Sleep - 6 weeks to 4 months

In our previous sleep article, we discussed normal sleep patterns and realistic sleep expectations for infants up to 6 weeks.  By the time we hit 6 weeks, our children have gone through so many developmental changes, including what shapes their sleep patterns.  What do these patterns look like now and when will you start to actually get some sleep?  

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Fundraiser to Help Make Breastfeeding Accessible and Affordable

When we started to plan our Big Latch On event, we thought this would be the perfect venue to share with our local community about our new nonprofit organization, the San Diego Breastfeeding Center (SDBFC) Foundation.  After years of hearing from moms with limited incomes that they could not afford the breastfeeding support they needed, we decided to find a way to make breastfeeding support accessible and affordable for ALL local moms!  Starting in August, the SDBFC Foundation will begin to subsidize costs for private lactation consultations for qualifying families.

Many of our friends and families have started to donate to our Foundation, which has given us a great start!  But to meet our annual goal of $35,000, we reached out to our friends, colleagues, and community members to see if they could help us raise even more.  I am honored and humbled by the amount of items and services that have been donated to bring you an amazing opportunity drawing, which will take place at our Big Latch On event on August 6th!

Even if you are no longer breastfeeding, we would love if you would join us from 9am-11:30am at the Big Latch On.  Your first opportunity drawing ticket is free.  Additional tickets are $1 each.  The drawing will take place at 10:45am.  ALL proceeds will be given to the SDBFC Foundation.  

Look at the fabulous prizes you have the chance to win!  

Just a few of our amazing prizes you could win at our Opportunity Drawing!

Just a few of our amazing prizes you could win at our Opportunity Drawing!

Dr. Stanton Hom - Chiropractic assessment and treatment

Francesca Orlando (Healthful Living) - Nutritional counseling

Doug and Mary Swenson - Boat cruise on the bay for up to 8 people

Jamie Boyd (Whole Family Wellness) - acupuncture treatments

La Costa Resorts - One night’s stay for 2

Dr. Karin Nealon (La Luna Health) - Craniosacral therapy

Adriana Covell (Flourish Holistic Health) - 1-hour coaching session and acupuncture

Dairy Fairy - sets of 3-4 nursing bras and tanks

Ardo - Calypso double electric pump

Tula - Baby carrier

Jamie Street - 5 photographic prints

Jolie Cash (Nature’s Whisper Yoga) - yoga sessions

Jeanne-Marie Paynel (Voila Montessori) - Montessori private home consultation

Rachel Robinson (Melody Music Studios) - 7-class music series and materials

Stacy Spensley (Center Stage Wellness) - Coaching sessions

Rumina Nursingwear - 4 nursing tanks

Fairhaven - MIlk Saver and Milk Tray

Deanna Honda - massage treatment

Dr. Ashley Madden - Chiropractic assessment and treatment

Motherlove - Trio of salves

Vida Leche Amor - $100 gift certificate for nursing wear

Micah Arsham - Acupuncture treatment

Megan Elizabeth Photography - Mini session, prints, and digital files

Lisa Howe (Becoming Peaceful) - Peaceful parenting session

Bamboobies - Nursing pads, nursing shawl, and nipple cream

Dr. David Jackel - Chiropractic assessment and treatment

Emily New - Massage treatment

Paige Trimble - Facial

Jessica Odanga (Lookin’ Snappy) - Interchangeable hair accessory kit

Momzelle - $50 gift card

Sara Guenther (Nursing Noah) - Nursing necklace

Deb Davies (Zen Diego) - Acupuncture treatment

San Diego Breastfeeding Center - private breastfeeding consultation

Jen Varela (Sugar Night Night) - Sugar Night Night Starter Bundle

Glamourmom - 2 nursing tanks

A HUGE Thank You to all of our friends and colleagues for their gracious donations!  Hope to see you all at our event!