Help Us Extend Lactation Services to ALL families in San Diego

We'd like to introduce you to Dania Lindenberg, one of the most caring, passionate pediatricians in San Diego and a board member of the San Diego Breastfeeding Center Foundation.

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I joined the SDBFC Foundation Board because I believe so strongly in its mission to extend lactation services to all moms.  Lactation services, especially from skilled, caring, and professional lactation consultants such as Robin Kaplan and her colleagues at the SDBFC, can make or break a new mom’s breastfeeding experience.  Many of us no longer have a “village” to help us with breastfeeding. Caring, knowledgeable and supportive lactation consultants help fill this gap.

As a pediatrician, I refer the majority of my new breastfeeding moms for lactation support.  An inability to pay for services without significant hardship prevents many new moms from scheduling these consultations; frequently, new mothers become overwhelmed trying to navigate breastfeeding and give up.  The benefits of breastfeeding for both mom and baby, including economic benefits, are well known. Making lactation services available to more women will help increase breastfeeding success. Breastfeeding is hard!  As a currently breastfeeding mom of 4 children, I have sought help with each baby, most recently from Robin with my 2 month old daughter. I want all new moms to be able to benefit from skilled lactation support. The SDBFC Foundation’s mission is to help make this happen.  I am honored to be able to be a part of something so important.

In order for this incredible nonprofit organization to continue its important work, it needs your support.  Please consider donating—anything helps. And spread the word to any new moms you know, as they too may benefit.

- Dania Lindenberg, MD

Inspired to make a difference in the life of a new family?

  • $85 pays for one initial 90-min breastfeeding consultation for a low-income family

  • $55 pays for one follow up breastfeeding consultation for a low-income family.

  • Any amount will help us to reach our goal of $5000 for 2018!

Donate online through our CrowdRise campaign or directly through our SDBFC Foundation website.

To donate by check, please send to:
San Diego Breastfeeding Center Foundation
3355 4th Ave.
San Diego, CA 92103