Nipple Soreness

Breastfeeding during Your Period: When Aunt Flow comes to visit

How many of you thought (or hoped) that breastfeeding was going to keep your period away forever (or at least for the time you were breastfeeding???)  I know I definitely thought that would be the case.  Boy was I surprised when my dear old friend (cue sarcasm) came to visit 5 months after my son was born.  And I was even more surprised when she didn’t show back up after her second visit….yep, apparently you can get pregnant while breastfeeding as well!

So, what’s the deal with breastfeeding during your period and how can you keep the crimson wave away for as long as possible?

When will my period return while breastfeeding?

Unfortunately, there is not a definitive answer to that question.  Breastfeeding will definitely suppress your period for a while.  Some moms may not menstruate for months or years while breastfeeding and other women may start their periods after a few weeks or months. 

Here are a few factors that determine when your period will return: