Using YouTube to Help Achieve Comfortable Breastfeeding Positions

Written by Ashley Treadwell, IBCLC

In the beginning, breastfeeding can feel somewhat awkward and uncomfortable as new moms learn how to get their baby properly latched on.  As an IBCLC, I see a lot of new moms breastfeeding their babies sitting straight up or hunched over, looking very uncomfortable.  Heck, I did this as a new mom myself!  I remember the constant aches in my neck and shoulders from sitting in contorted positions for long periods of time.  Breastfeeding is something moms do very frequently in the early weeks and months - it should be comfortable.

Out of all of the breastfeeding positions, there are two that happen to be our favorite - the side-lying and laid-back breastfeeding positions.  We like these positions for so many reasons - the laid-back position often helps a baby achieve a deeper latch, and both positions are extremely comfortable for both mom and baby and promote lots of rest and relaxation.  This is great for moms as their bodies need good rest to recover from delivery and is great for babies as the best milk transfer often happens during sleepy, calm times.  Sometimes a mom may find that she is having a difficult time replicating these positions on her own - so we decided to provide a video demonstration!  Here are two videos showing the laid back breastfeeding position and the side lying position.  For mom breastfeeding videos, check out our YouTube channel: DIY Breastfeeding!


Breastfeeding Positions: Laid Back Breastfeeding



Breastfeeding Positions: Side Lying Breastfeeding



What is YOUR favorite breastfeeding position?