Melanie Cromwell


Melanie Cromwell is a Registered Nurse and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).  After having Robin Kaplan as her Lactation Consultant with Melanie’s second child, Melanie decided to pursue her internship and employment with the San Diego Breastfeeding Center in November 2015. 

Melanie completed her lactation consultant training and certification at University of California San Diego. She also holds a Bachelor of Science from University of Basel, Switzerland and has her Registered Nursing license in California. She has worked for over 15 years as an RN in various clinical settings in the US, Switzerland, Germany, and India. She fell in love with breastfeeding after her first child was born and became interested in helping other moms with nursing after being helped with her breastfeeding struggles with her second child.

Melanie lives in San Diego, CA with her husband Matt, their four children -- Naomi, Noah, Norine, and Noelle -- and their four chickens and two cats. She loves cooking and baking; hiking and nature; good times with family and friends; traveling to Germany; and simple living.

Melanie’s Story

I had the privilege of delivering our first child in Germany before moving to the US. There, I had the amazing support of a wonderful midwife who prepared me well for labor and counseled me on breastfeeding my first child. Our firstborn fed easily. She was quite the nurser! She was the chubbiest baby I could imagine. We enjoyed a wonderful breastfeeding relationship for two years.

Our second child’s nursing experience did not go as smoothly. Our second child was a cry baby, a typical colicky baby. Weeks 2-6 were particularly unbearable. We pushed through until my supply dropped when he was about 5 months old and I thought I was on the verge of starving my child. I was at the end of my rope. I finally called for help and contacted Robin Kaplan who I had heard of at a birth preparation class. She came to our house and we put together a plan for how to feed my boy and how to get my milk supply up and running again. After this heavy bump in the road, our second child and I we were able to enjoy breastfeeding for two years.

Despite my preparation from our second child, our third child started off much bumpier. She was diagnosed with jaundice within days of her birth and we struggled through slow weight gain and a 24-hour hospital stay at 5 days of age. Again I contacted Robin, and again we worked things out, which firmly convinced me that breast feeding really can be encouraged and recouped in most cases.

When I first began working as a nurse, I never would have imagined that life would bring me to being a Lactation Consultant. But I know clearly now that motherhood and working my way through the struggles of breastfeeding my children helped me to fall in love with this new journey. I’m looking forward to helping mothers in their breastfeeding journey and seeing successes like I have seen myself.