Returning to Work Consultation


60-minute in-home consultation - starting at $135 

60-minute in-office or virtual consultation - starting at $90

This consultation should take place, ideally, at 4-5 week postpartum, or at least 3 weeks before the breastfeeding parent plans to return to work.

These private visits are for breastfeeding parents who are returning to work and plan to pump and provide breast milk for their babies while separated. If you have Aetna PPO, Tricare Standard, Tricare Select, or have received an authorization to see us from UCSD Managed Care, we will bill your insurance for you.

What Takes Place During a Returning to Work Consultation?

  • Breastfeeding parent’s work/pumping situation is assessed

  • Bottle feeding tips will be discussed, if necessary

  • Bottlefeeding the Breastfed Baby strategies are discussed for baby's caregiver

  • Breastfeeding parent will receive a customized Plan of Care, which may include: Recommendations for bottles, pumps, and equipment; legislation materials to give the Human Resources Department at her job; a pumping plan for an easy transition back to work; guidelines for breastmilk storage; and tips for protecting milk supply while pumping at work.

To book an in-home or virtual Returning to Work consultation, please call 619-724-4117 or email  

To book an in-office Returning to Work consultation, use the link below: