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This class will be led by Stephanie Adams, CLEC. She will help you navigate breastfeeding in a supportive, caring, and practical environment. From latch and positioning to preventing common breastfeeding concerns, Stephanie helps you prepare a breastfeeding plan that works for you and your family. Myths and facts will be addressed as you get the tools and resources you need to confidently start your breastfeeding journey.   


Fee: $45, includes handouts
Date and Time: February 5; April 2; June 4; August 6; October 1; December 3, 2019 from 7-9pm

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birthing from within childbirth education

Birthing From Within childbirth classes offer complete childbirth preparation, covering the material in more traditional classes and much more. Each class is individualized to the unique needs of the attending parents and takes place in a comfortable, nurturing environment. Whether you are planning a hospital birth or home birth, having your first or subsequent child, are hoping for a natural labor or are still exploring your options, you will learn to stay present, mindful, and connected throughout labor. Taught by Cinda Brown from Emerging Moon Birth.


Breastfeeding for the Working Mom

The Breastfeeding for the Working Mom class is for moms who plan to return to work, but would like to continue to provide breastmilk to their babies.

Soon-to-be working moms will learn about how to set up a pumping schedule, how to protect your milk supply while back at work, how to make sure your caregiver isn't overfeeding your baby, and legislation that protects the breastfeeding mother when she returns to work. Babies are welcome to attend the class. It's best to attend a few weeks before you return to work.


Fee: $40, includes handouts
Date and Time: February 12; April 9; June 11; August 13; October 1; December 10, 2019 from noon-1:30pm

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introduction to solids

Registered dietitian and pediatric nutrition expert, Rachel Rothman, MS, RD, will help you navigate the world of starting solids. Rachel will guide you through the nutrition process: from what and how to feed your baby, to the key nutrients required for healthy development. Rachel will also provide a short cooking demonstration featuring recipes that are perfect for baby and easy for parents. Please feel free to bring your little one. This class is ideal as an overview for all parents, even if your child has already started solid foods, and features ample time for questions. 


Fee: $40, includes handouts
Date and Time: February 16; April 27; June 8; August 17; October 19; December 14, 2019 from 10am-11:30am
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infant massage series

Come and learn the benefits and techniques of infant massage with your baby. Infant massage is a natural way to promote bonding and provide a sense of peace and security for your baby. You will learn strokes that can provide relief for gastrointestinal pain or discomfort, colic, restlessness and sleeplessness while also promoting regular sleep/wake cycles. These techniques encourage overall development and create another wonderful way for you to interact with your baby and communicate love! This class is very baby-friendly; the atmosphere is casual, positive, and relaxed. Parents/caregivers will be massaging their own babies while the teacher demonstrates the techniques. You will find that both you and your baby will leave feeling a bit more blissful than when you walked in the door!  Age appropriate for newborns to pre-crawlers. Class taught by Monica Putt, Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist, CLEC, and CEIM.


Fee: $80 for 4-week series
Date and Time: Saturdays: Feb 2, 9, 16, and 23, 2019 from noon-1pm
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peaceful parenting 101

Have you been curious about what exactly Peaceful Parenting is and if it could work for your family? Join Lisa Howe to learn what a peaceful parent is, how to practice self regulation, foster connection, and how to coach your child to gain cooperation. Lisa was trained and certified as a Peaceful Parenting Coach by Dr. Laura Markham, Clinical Psychologist, and author of She will review the three steps of Dr. Markham's model, providing real life examples along the way. Lisa will give you concrete suggestions, techniques, and skills to use. You'll go home with a handout reviewing the presentation as well as tangible, practical ideas that you can apply in your family. You'll leave with tools to make changes right away!


Fee: $40 per person. Your parenting partner can come for free!
Date and Time: February 23, 2019; 2-4pm
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Ariel Dolfo Photography

Ariel Dolfo Photography

Gentle Sleep Solutions and Sleep Basics

Have you found yourself asking these questions: I think I’ve completely messed up. Can I still fix it? How young is too young to sleep train? Is cry it out the only option to get my baby on a sleep routine?

This workshop is taught by Jen Varela, sleep coach and owner of Sugar Night Night. It provides a comfortable environment for a group of parents to get together and learn how to gently solve their children’s sleep problems. In this workshop, we’ll cover general sleep education and the science and behavioral “must knows.” Topics include common problems, how to solve them and the secret to sleep coaching success…all while keeping tears to a minimum.


Fee: $35 per person/couple
Date and Time: TBD
Place: San Diego Breastfeeding Center (3355 4th Ave., San Diego, CA 92103)