All Boob Group Podcast Episodes are Now Free!

Yes, you heard it right!  The Boob Group has opened their archives and now all Boob Group podcast episodes are free to download, anyday and anytime!


Here are some of The Boob Group's most popular episodes:

Tight Frenula and Breastfeeding with Dr. James Ochi

Breastfeeding After Breast Reduction Surgery with Diana West

Breast Hypoplasia and Breastfeeding with Diana Cassar-Uhl

Breastfeeding After Previous Low Milk Supply with Lisa Marasco

Breastfeeding the Dairy Intolerant Baby with Diana Cassar-Uhl

GERD, Reflux, and the Breastfed Baby with Catherine Watson-Genna

Low Milk Supply: Donor Milk, Milk Banks, and Formula with Amber McCann

Traveling with the Breastfeeding Baby with Jessica, from The Leaky Boob

Becoming a Badass Public Breastfeeder with Abby, from The Badass Breastfeeder



So, head to their website, The Boob Group, iTunes, and Amazon to listen and download all of their episodes!  Enjoy!