iMothering Talks Giveaway


Have you heard about the iMothering Talks?  They are like an online parenting workshop with all of your favorite gentle parenting experts!  And it's super affordable!!!


A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of interviewing Iona Macnab, one of the founders of the iMothering talks, on The Boob Group podcast.  We gabbed for about 45 minutes about how mothers can connect with lactation consultants over Skype, which was a whole new concept for those of us in the room.  To thank us for our participation in the iMothering Talks, they are running a Giveaway for a free registration for the Talks.


Want to know more????


iMothering TALKS 2013 is a new event, bringing some of the key voices of gentle parenting to your screen to inspire you on your mothering journey. Topics range from breastfeeding, bonding, crying and sleep, to raising girls, how to talks so kids will listen, home cooking and creating resilient families.


Started by two lactation consultants and LLL Leaders (Iona and Sarah) in the Asia Pacific region, iMothering is the sister site to iLactation, which was built for the health professionals and counselors who work with breastfeeding mothers. iMothering has been developed mainly with mothers in mind, but much of the information is also relevant for fathers too!


You’ll hear from experts such as Professor Helen Ball speaking on infant sleep, Dr Jenny Thomas (aka DrJen4Kids) who speaks on meeting your breastfeeding goals, Pinky McKat talks about calming crying babies and Robin Kaplan of The Boob Group will host a session about finding breastfeeding help long distance.  You’re sure to learn a lot and walk away with amazing information and inspiration.


iMothering starts online on Mothers Day May 12th, and continues until Fathers’ Day, June 16th. You can register now for three FREE TALKS or use the coupon code BOOBGROUP to pay only $28 for the whole series. TALKS can be listened to anywhere you have an internet connection - on your smartphone, tablet or at your computer.


Here is the Rafflecopter for the Giveaway... a free registration for the iMothering Talks!  The Rafflecopter only goes for 1 more day, so enter now!  We hope you enjoy this fantastic resource for parents!

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