What I’m Reading This Month – March 2013

Every week I share a bunch of my favorite articles on our San Diego Breastfeeding Center Facebook page, but as with all things on Facebook, they get lost into oblivion as the year progresses.  Many of these articles share evidence-based information about breastfeeding and others are just fantastic pieces that make me feel like I am doing a good job as a mother.  Since I often forget where I find these written gems (chalk it up to mommy-brain!), I thought I would do a monthly recap so that they can be saved in our archives and easily found when needed.


Here’s what I’m reading this month – March 2013

PhD in Parenting: Equally Shared Parenting and Breastfeeding? Is that possible? 

It is possible to share parenting duties when you (or your partner) is breastfeeding?  Such a tough question!


Best for Babes: Can Skin to Skin and Laid-Back Breastfeeding Help Older Non-latching Babies? 

A new study in Sweden showed that older babies who were not latching on had greater success of coming back to the breast when the mother held her baby skin to skin and attempted to breastfeed her baby in a laid-back position.  I knew that this laid-back philosophy was my favorite way to breastfeed a baby!


Secrets of Baby Behavior: Quick Tip: Don’t Move Bedtime Up Too Soon

Great advice on how to maximize, and benefit from, your baby’s longest stretch of sleep.


The Leaky Boob: Baby Weight Workout

Great exercises that incorporate your baby into the workout.


The Boob Group: Breastfeeding the Dairy Intolerant Baby

Diana Cassar-Uhl breaks down how babies become dairy intolerant and what a breastfeeding mother can do if her baby is showing symptoms of a dairy intolerance.


Lactation Matters: The International Code: Part 1

Lactation Matters: The International Code: Is It Still Relevant in an Information Age Part 2

Breastmilk substitutes are advertised everywhere: Facebook, blogs, search engine sidebars, etc.  Think they don’t make an impact on our already low breastfeeding rates?  Think again!


Breastfeeding Basics: Nursing my Three Year Old for all the World to See

Great memoir about a mother’s shift in comfort level and confidence when nursing her child in public.


What were your favorite articles in March 2013?  

Please add them to the comment section so the rest of us can check them out!