The Boob Group Podcast: November Round-up

As many of you know, I am the host of The Boob Group, a free weekly audio podcast and online resource for breastfeeding moms and those who plan to breastfeed their babies.  Each 30 minute episode features world-renowned experts and local breastfeeding mom ‘panelist’ who discuss a variety of topics every week.

Here are the episodes we recorded in November!  


Breastfeeding, Sex, and Libido

Ask any newly postpartum mother what her libido looks like in those first few months after birthing a baby and she will most likely give you a confused look and just laugh. Libido?  What libido?  Unfortunately, most mothers’ partners are wondering when this sex drive will return, which can cause a bit of a frustration for both involved.  Find out how to bring romance and intimacy back into your postpartum relationship.


Breastfeeding, Bedsharing, and Sleep Training

Breastfeeding, bedsharing, and sleep training are some of the hottest topics out there today in the parenting world.  We might be crazy, but we’ve decided to tackle them all in this episode. Tune in to hear more about current research on bedsharing safety and sleep training.


Breastfeeding Twins: Weaning

When breastfeeding twins, each child often has his/her own style and needs.  This is not different when it comes to the weaning process as well.  Do twins typically wean at the same time and what is the process of weaning two children? Does this differ if the twins are infants or toddlers?


Baby-Led Weaning: Introducing Solid Foods to Your Baby

Your baby is quickly approaching six months, which is the time many parents introduce solid foods. But, what if you could skip the puree stage and go straight to whole foods? It’s known as baby-led weaning and it’s gaining in popularity. So, how does it work? What types of foods work best? And what about foods considered a choking hazard?


Top 10 Reasons to Breastfeed

By now, you’ve probably heard that breast is best. But why? Why is breast milk considered the perfect food for your little one? What are the health benefits short term and long term? And how can it improve the bond your partner has with the baby? 




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