Over the next few weeks we will be sharing stories of triumphant breastfeeding mamas and their biggest supporters who helped them reach their personal breastfeeding goals.  If you would like to share your breastfeeding story and thank your biggest breastfeeding cheerleaders, check out the details in our recent blog article.


This story is from Chelsea. 

I have two people I would like to thank for being my biggest cheerleaders.

Breast feeding was a big struggle for us. My stress level was off the charts after giving birth and my body had a lot of healing to do. It was a lot of hard work but with perseverance and support we’ve made it to 6mos of EBF so far!

First, I want to thank my husband. My amazing husband that came to my lactation appointment and took notes and pictures so he could help me when we got home. He got up with me for several days in a row for every night feeding just because I was too afraid to do it alone. He studied Breastfeeding and latching while our baby napped so he could help me when I cried "I have no idea what I'm doing. I have no confidence. I have nothing left". He set out a glass of water where I nursed every night. He held my hand as I cried myself to sleep. He calmly and firmly supported me and made me feel like no matter what, everything was going to be okay. He is and will always be my dearest friend.

Second, I would like to thank my lactation consultant. As the 6mos mark had been approaching I had been thinking of all the people that have helped me and I cannot thank her enough for her encouragement and support. I came to her a broken mama completely deflated and undone. I had no confidence in my body and had no idea how we'd ever make it through. Her confidence in us, assurance that we would get it and that she would be there to help was what gave me the glimmer of hope I needed to keep going. Knowing she was there for all my crazy questions and that she believed in us was a huge deal to me. I thought, "this lady genuinely cares and she knows her stuff and says we can do it! She must be right, she just has to be right." I wanted to thank her for caring and for building this wonderful supportive breast feeding community in San Diego.

Who was your biggest breastfeeding cheerleader?