Whose Breastfeeding Support Are You Most Thankful For?

Let's face it... becoming a new mother is CRAZY challenging!  Between the lack of sleep, endless diapers, and constant feedings, it's no wonder that new moms often feel overwhelmed.  We are constantly redefining ourselves and our new parenting roles.  Support from partners, family members, friends, online peers, and community professionals is crucial for helping us feel grounded, sane, and successful.  Since breastfeeding is often a HUGE component on how we view ourselves as mothers, breastfeeding support is critical for our wellbeing, both emotionally and physically.


In the spirit of the holiday season, let's thank these amazingly supportive individuals by sharing how they helped you meet your personal breastfeeding goals!



Over the next few weeks, we will be collecting stories for our blog honoring those who were your biggest breastfeeding supporters.  Starting today, you can send your stories and photos to us and we will feature them on our blog starting next week!  Our hope is that your stories will not only honor those whose support you are most thankful for, but will also serve as online support for mothers who are searching for breastfeeding success stories.




Where to send: Email your stories and photos to Robin Kaplan at robinkaplan@sdbfc.com.  Before your story is published, we will email you a consent form authorizing your permission to use your story and photographs on our website.

Word limit: Please keep your stories under 800 words 

Deadline: Email your stories by December 20, 2013.


Whose breastfeeding support are you most thankful for?