Favorite Breastfeeding Products for a Baby Shower Gift

This past week I was in Las Vegas for the ABC Kids Expo 2013 with New Mommy Media.  

Let me just tell you.... it was INSANE!!!!  

10 miles of vendors exhibiting every single pregnancy, breastfeeding, and baby/child product you could ever think of!  While I had heard about many of these companies (like Earth Mama Angel Baby and Bamboobies), there were quite a few new ones that I couldn't wait to share with all of you!  Since so many of these are items that a breastfeeding mom would need IN THE MOMENT, I thought these would make fantastic baby shower gifts so that she has them as soon as she needs them.

Favorite Breastfeeding Products for a Baby Shower Gift


NuzzleHUG: The NuzzleHUG is perfect for relieving engorgement, plugged ducts, encouraging milk flow, relieving neck/back pain, plus so much more!  Made from cotton and rice, this hands-free therapy system is not only super cute, but super functional.  Here's my video with the owner (Christine) of the company.



Larrivo - The Darling Dress: How many of you would love to wear a dress, but it is super inconvenient to breastfeed and/or pump in?  Well, Loretta at Larrivo has figured it out!  Her nursing dresses are not only stylish, but also super functional!  I even saw Jessica, from The Leaky Boob, sporting one of her orange Darling Dresses at the Expo:  Here's my video with Loretta.



Rumina Nursing Bra and Tank:  I always recommend a soft sleep bra for moms to have for those first few weeks postpartum as their breasts change sizes and get used to making milk.  This bra is super soft, is wireless and seamless, allows for breastfeeding and pumping, is great even beyond those first few weeks.  Plus, their nursing tanks are awesome and great for breastfeeding in public!

Rumina at ABC Kids Expo 2013

Pumpease by Snugabell: For those mamas who already have a nursing bra that they love, here's a great way to make it hands-free for pumping.  Plus, they also have this new eco-friendly wet bag where you can store wet pump pieces, snacks, and your phone and keys at the beach!  


Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover: Not all breastfeeding mamas want to use a nursing cover, but it they do, this would be the one I would buy!  Their fashion-forward designs make them true fashion accessories and their muslin collection has matching blankets and lovies!  Here's an interview with Amanda at the ABC Kids Expo.



Beco Baby Carrier: With so many baby carriers and wraps out there, it is difficult to choose which one to purchase!  For a soft-structured carrier, Beco would definitely be one of my top choices!  With their fun designs, soft materials, and easy access for breastfeeding on-the-go, I'm in love with this company and wish I had children young enough to still babywear.

Beco Baby Carrier at ABC Kids Expo 2013

JunoBlu Diaper Bag:  Have a friend who is going to pump when back at work?  Check out this super fashionable diaper/pump bag!  The collapsible pocket fits a variety of pump styles, is wipe-able to clean, and beyond adorable! Plus, they are partners with Best for Babes and donate a portion of all of their sales to them!

JunoBlu at ABC Kids Expo 2013

Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter:  When your nipples are chapped and in need of a little moisture, what's better than an organic, non-goopy, nipple 'chapstick' that will heal your soreness away?  We LOVE this company for all they do for breastfeeding mamas, plus their products are fantastic!


Teethease Teething Necklaces:  These medical-grade teething necklaces actually look like stone pendants! Perfect to pair with any outfit, both casual and business-attire and help to keep a distracted nurser/teether happy and content.

TeethEase at ABC Kids Expo 2013 

Clearly, I couldn't share all of the wonderful products I saw at the Expo, so don't forget to check out our photos and videos on The Boob Group's ABC Kids Expo page!  Happy shopping!!!


What are your favorite breastfeeding products that you give as baby shower gifts?  

What would you add to this list?