The San Diego Breastfeeding Center Opens Their First Office Location

It’s official!  The San Diego Breastfeeding Center finally has a real office!


Since I started my business 3 years ago, my goal was to have a space where breastfeeding moms could receive affordable breastfeeding help and support.  In addition to our in-home consultations, we began hosting a small, free weekly breastfeeding support group.  I am so incredibly thankful for Monta Briant at The Baby Garten Studio, who continues to donate the space to us every week.   In 2 years, this small group has grown from just a few moms to quite a packed house.  

Then, this past winter, we started our Breastfeeding Support Clinic, which offered small group support to breastfeeding moms.  Every Monday up to 4 moms/babies received hands-on breastfeeding help, as well as mom-to-mom support, for the affordable price of $35. 


Yet, I felt that there was still a group of moms who were feeling neglected…. The moms who really needed the extra breastfeeding support, but the in-home consultation was not in their budgets.  Well, I am a firm believer that NO mom should go without the support they need, breastfeeding or not!  It is too difficult out there to do this alone.  We need our village!  We need our sisterhood!  Well, you spoke and we listened!  


Starting Monday, September 10, 2012, the San Diego Breastfeeding Center will open the door to our FIRST OFFICE LOCATION, where we will offer in-office lactation consultations, as well as our popular Breastfeeding Support Clinic.  When breastfeeding moms come to us that means lower costs for everyone!  Plus, more availability for appointments! 


My goal has finally come to fruition!  I can’t thank you all enough for helping me reach this goal!  Without you all reaching out for support, I never would have had the courage to expand my business in this way!


Would you like to know the details?


Office Information

Address: 1816 Howard Ave.  San Diego, CA 92103

Appointments: To sign up for in-office consultations and clinics, book your appointment online through our consultations page or call 619-606-2211

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, and possibly Friday 8:30-3pm


Additional San Diego Breastfeeding Center Services

In-home Consultations - Breastfeeding Support in your own home

Classes (Prenatal Breastfeeding, Breastfeeding Multiples, and Going Back to Work)

Phone Consultations - 1-hr consultations dealing with a specific breastfeeding issue


Free Online/Local Support

Breastfeeding and Parenting Blog - Our weekly blog with evidence-based articles, with a twist of sass

The Boob Group Podcast - Our weekly podcast for all things related to breastfeeding, featuring breastfeeding moms and national lactation experts

Breastfeeding Support Group at Baby Garten Studio - Our wildly popular free support group


Now that we’ve expanded to meet your breastfeeding needs, how can YOU help local moms get the support they need?

  • Tell your pediatricians, midwives, and OBGYNs about your experience with the San Diego Breastfeeding Center and ask them to hand out our cards to moms who need breastfeeding support! 
  • Share this article and our business information on Facebook!
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  • Share our weekly blog articles and podcasts on Facebook and with your friends!



For breastfeeding to become a reality for all desiring moms, it is up to ALL OF US to let them know where they can receive the help they need! 

Are you up for the challenge?