Have You Dealt with Insufficient Glandular Tissue While Breastfeeding?

This week on The Boob Group, we interviewed Diana Cassar-Uhl, IBCLC, about insufficient glandular tissue / breast hypoplasia and how it can affect breastfeeding.  While listening to the stories of the three panelists (all breastfeeding moms who dealt with IGT), I was so incredibly inspired about how they persevered during this very emotionally and physically challenging time in their lives.  

A common theme among all of their stories was how they found that there was such a lack of information online, in books, and even in the training of their medical professionals about insufficient glandular tissue.  This was a time when they needed support the most and they could barely find any helpful information!


I think this needs to change right now.  I know that Diana Cassar-Uhl is CURRENTLY writing a book about this topic (YAY!!!!), but there are mamas out there who need support right now!  


Here's your Call to Action:

If you are a breastfeeding mother and have insufficient glandular tissue, we would love to hear your story!  Other breastfeeding moms need your support!  Just knowing that someone else out there went through a similar experience.... well, that may be just what she needed to hear to try breastfeeding for one more day or week or month or YEAR!  Your stories are beyond powerful!  They need to be heard!

If you would like to have your stories posted on our website, as well as The Boob Group's website, please send your story to robinkaplan@sdbfc.com.  

We will begin posting your stories as soon as we receive them!