Time for Camp Mommy

Please excuse our temporary pause in blogging this week.  My kids have one more week left of summer vacation and rather than try to make a feeble attempt at balancing kids and work, I've decided to take the week off and treat my kids to Camp Mommy.  


What is Camp Mommy, you may ask.... Well, at Camp Mommy, I'm the uber-attentive camp counselor.  I pack lunches, I organize excursions, I schedule playdates, I make sure that the arguing doesn't get out of control.  Most importantly, I pay attention to my kids to the best of my ability, from morning until bedtime.  That means no blogging, minimal Facebook time (I mean, let's be realistic!), no new clients, no breastfeeding support group, and a HUGE bucket list of all of the kid-friendly places in San Diego.  


Here are a few photos from our first days of Camp Mommy:

Hanging at the NatBen and Ryan at the Midway

I may post a few more photos along the way this week, if I just can't bear to not share their cuteness!  Otherwise, I will see you all next week when the kids are back to school and I can resume my life as a mompreneur, lactation consultant, blogger, podcast-producer, and mom of two elementary-aged boys.  Until then!