Care to Share Your Beautiful Breastfeeding Photos?


I love breastfeeding photos, I truly do!  

There is nothing that embodies pure sweetness like a baby at breast, holding his mother's hand or shirt while he nurses to sleep.

So, to continue the celebration of National Breastfeeding Month, we are collecting your favorite breastfeeding photos.  I have seen some absolutely gorgeous photos these past two weeks on Facebook, yet I am always worried that Facebook is going to remove them or they will just get lost in the Wall abyss.  We should be celebrating these photos for many years, don't you think?



Will you share your photos with us?  

We would love for your beautiful breastfeeding photos to continually inspire breastfeeding moms on our site.


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If you would like to share your beautiful breastfeeding photos, please send them to  With your permission, we will include them in this post, as well as throughout our blog for years to come!



Will you send us your favorite breastfeeding photo?