It’s Official! We’ve Launched The Boob Group Radio Show!


Whether you’ve just had a baby or are chasing after a toddler, it is impossible to get through the day without talking about your little one or reaching out to others to normalize this new stage of life called Motherhood.  If you are anything like me, you may sneak a peek at your favorite blogs on Google Reader while going to the bathroom or check Facebook while waiting in line at Starbucks.  Reading a full book just doesn’t happen that often during this time in our busy lives. 


But, check this out…. What if you could learn about an intriguing breastfeeding topic, like Tips to Comfortably Breastfeed in Public or Managing a Toddler While Breastfeeding a Newborn, while driving around in your car or taking a power walk?  Now that’s making fantastic use of your time!


I’m beyond excited to share with you my brand new project! 

It’s an online radio show called The Boob Group.  During each episode, a group of moms openly discuss their breastfeeding successes, their struggles and everything in between. The Boob Group helps guide mothers by providing an honest, natural and relaxed approach to breastfeeding, with no judgment!  So whether you are exclusively breastfeeding, supplementing due to a low milk supply, inducing lactation for an adopted child, or waiting for your little one to arrive, there’s something for you on The Boob Group.


Top 5 Reasons You Will Love The Boob Group


  1. You can download the 30-minute episodes and have something hilarious and educational to listen to while breastfeeding your child or pumping.
  2. Each episode features an expert and 3 breastfeeding moms, so you get the clinical information you need, as well as advice from some super-cool ladies going through the exact same things you are.
  3. Our reoccurring segments offer fantastic online resources, tips for the breastfeeding working mom, and ways to overcome those horrible ‘booby traps’ (like the comments from your cynical mother-in-law!)
  4. Our blog articles are written by moms just like you!  Plus, if you are motivated, you can submit an article as well.
  5. We post a new episode every Friday, so you always have something to look forward to!


So, check out our first 10 episodes at

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Don’t miss the fantastic resources, episodes, and articles on our sister shows, Preggie Pals (for pregnant mamas) and Parent Savers (for parents with kids aged 0 to 2).


Hope you love the shows as much as we do!  We can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Love, your hosts

Sunny Gault (Preggie Pals), Robin Kaplan (The Boob Group), KC Wilt (Parent Savers)


What have been your favorite episodes of The Boob Group?
What other topics would you like to see discussed on The Boob Group?