My New Eco-Chic Ride

I come from a family of tree-huggers.  My brother has hiked the Pacific Crest Trail (multiple times) and has lived in the wilderness for months at a time, bathing only in nearby streams.  My sister has not shopped at a conventional grocery store in over a decade and studied to be an herbalist and yoga instructor.  Over the past 15 years, I have listened to them talk about organic food policy, and watch them bring their own containers as ‘doggy bags’ and bike to work.


Yet, it was finding out that my son was gluten-intolerant that spurred a slight obsession with improving the quality of the products we use in our home and the food my family consumes.  Over the past two years, we have taken baby-steps to make these eco-friendly changes, and every day I feel like I am teaching my children how to better respect our bodies, our community, and our environment.


We started out joining a CSA (community-sponsored agriculture), which has been completely awesome!  Never would I have eaten so many beets, kale, tomatoes, or berries had I just purchased them from the grocery store.  And while I love our local farmer’s markets, you can’t beat the price of our local CSA.  Plus, the taste….it’s like straight from the garden (that is, if I actually had a ‘green thumb’ and didn’t kill everything I try to grow on my own!)


 Next, I started to purchase more eco-friendly cleaning products and reusable, BPA-free storage containers.  My favorite website for reusable lunch bags, containers, and drink bottles is  I used this site so much that the owner even gave me my own discount code….Thanks, Kathryn!!!


So, after all of this change in our household, it only made sense that our eco-friendly consciousness would extend into my business. While I am still a few months away from going paperless and having electronic records, I knew there was one area where I could make a positive change, immediately!

I am proud to introduce the newest member of the San Diego Breastfeeding Center.

My new Prius V!


No more 20 miles to the gallon as I drive all over the city of San Diego.  I will now be getting up to 44 MPG….saving sore boobs and the earth one day at a time!  I’m completely in love!

I hope I make my siblings proud:)  And, I still have so much to learn!


Are you an eco-friendly mama? 
What have you done in the past few years to live more eco-consciously? 
What are your favorite eco-friendly resources?