Who Has A Breastfeeding Question?

Today's blog article is all about YOU!  


Whether you are a soon-to-be mom, a newly breastfeeding mom, or an experienced-breastfeeding mom, I am sure you have a question that you would LOVE to have the answer to.  So, please share!  

What burning question do you have about breastfeeding?  


You may be thinking, why am I collecting these questions....  Well, for many reasons, actually!

1. Every Thursday will now be designated Help A Breastfeeding Mama Out Day!  I will feature YOUR questions, with a research-based answer (of course, with a little bit of sass!)

2. Our favorite questions will be answered on our NEW online radio show, The Boob Group, launching in July!  Please feel free to join The Boob Group Facebook Page so keep up to date!

3. All questions posed from San Diego mamas will be entered into a drawing for a free ticket to the Your Natural Baby Fair on April 1, 2012.


So, here's what you do....


  • Add your question(s) to the comments below.  
  • If you want to be added into the drawing for a free ticket for the Your Natural Baby Fair in San Diego on April 1, 2012, write "NATURAL BABY FAIR PLEASE" at the end of your comment and make sure that you include your email address.
  • The drawing will take place Thursday, March 29th at 7am.  All three winners will be notified by email that night.