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Care Messer has lived in San Diego for the past 14 years. She has 2 human daughters and a Pomeranian that, although canine, she considers her to be another daughter. Care found HypnoBirthing by accident when she found out she was allergic to all the drugs traditionally given during birth. The natural birth of her daughter changed her life.

Care became a doula in 2009, certified in HypnoBirthing and began teaching. She founded San Diego HypnoBirthing and most recently the Birth Education Center of San Diego. She believes that education and knowing you have choices, are the key to a successful birth experience, whether natural or medicated. Birth is all about the baby and it's about time we put them first!


Why did you choose to use HypnoBirthing when you delivered your daughter?

 HypnoBirthing was not even on my radar for my birth. I wanted an epidural or a planned C-Section because I was scared of pain and terrified of the whole birthing process. However, I was allergic to most of the drugs that were in the epidural and my doctor said a natural birth was my only choice. After crying for two weeks, my niece turned me on to the HypnoBirthing method. After reading the first 100 pages, I saw for the first time the power in the female body. My body was made for birth. Women do it all over the world, every day, and why should women in America be any different? I began to read and educate myself and speak to moms who had experienced natural birth and it made me even more of a believer in what I could do. And then I DID! It changed my life.


What methods are used for pain management during HypnoBirthing?

First and foremost, we address the fears that most women and their partners have about labor and birth. Addressing these fears by finding ways to deal with them, then dismissing the ones we can and having a plan as to handle the rest can hugely affect the pain we experience in childbirth. When we are fearful, we tense up and can slow or even stop the labor process. After the fears are addressed, we learn how the muscles in our bodies work. We see that if we keep our birthing muscles (uterus and cervix) relaxed and well oxygenated, they move fluidly and work as they are supposed to in moving that baby down and out. We use massage, cuddling, humor and relaxation to bring out endorphins within our bodies that are 200 times more powerful than morphine. We use breathing and visualization, coupled with deep relaxation to shut down the "worry" our minds tend to gravitate towards. We learn how to move our bodies and vocalize so that we can open up our hips and use gravity in getting that baby down. We also learn methods for back labor and what to do when faced with unexpected outcomes in our birth preferences.


Who would be an appropriate candidate to use HypnoBirthing?

Everyone is a good candidate for HypnoBirthing, whether they desire a non-medicated birth or not. Just like finishing a marathon doesn't just happen – it takes education, planning and hard work - the same is true for birth. We can choose to let society, friends or care providers dictate how our births should be or we can get educated and choose the right plan for us and our baby. Our classes educate parents on the normalcy of birth. Moms begin to really believe in their bodies and want a good birth for their babies. We want our parents to read and get educated, find the right care provider for the birth they desire and work towards what they want. HypnoBirthing tools are magical when it comes to Cesarean deliveries, too. You can have a calm and gentle surgical birth, but it takes education, planning and preparation. We are here to educate, support and accompany parents on their journey through their pregnancy and birth. It's a magical time that should be honored.


Where and when do you offer your HypnoBirthing classes?

We currently teach classes at Best Start Birth Center, Center for Natural Birth, Whole Family Wellness, Gerken Chiropractic, and at our new our new teaching center in Scripps Ranch, the Birth Education Center of San Diego. We also teach at satellite locations in north and east county (San Diego) as well. We offer private classes in your home, but most parents choose the group setting for the support and community aspect. Evening classes are 6-9 pm and Saturday morning classes are 8:30-11:30. We love what we do and invite you to come play!


Care M. Messer

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