Making New Year's Resolutions That Stick

I don’t think I’ve ever made a new year’s resolution that has come to fruition.  It's amazing, but true.  Maybe it’s because I didn’t really feel in my heart of hearts that it was an important goal to attain.  Maybe it was because the goal was completely unrealistic.  Most  likely it was because I didn’t have anyone to keep me accountable.  


Whatever the reason, I wanted 2013 to be different.  I wanted to make positive changes in my life that would not only benefit me, but my husband, kids, friends, family, and clients.


To help me focus and hunker down, I attended a goal setting workshop for female entreprenuers with Lorin Beller.  I had met Lorin at a conference a few years ago and her philosophies on balancing business and life really stuck with me.  What made this workshop absolutely resonate with me was that it examined the multitude of components that make up a woman’s life and demonstrated why all of these elements deserve equal consideration and attentiveness.  For years I had been focusing on how to grow my business, yet my family’s needs fell by the wayside, making me feel like a less-than-adequate mother and an absent wife.  I also completely neglected my own needs, which took a small toll on my mental and physical health.


I knew that this year HAD to be different!  I now know that I have the ability to MAKE this year different! 


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While I am blessed with one of the greatest jobs in the world, I realized that it was time for me to balance my efforts between work, family, and personal growth.  It was time for me to follow my own advice that I give to mothers everyday…


"You have to choose what makes the most sense for YOU!"  


So, what’s different about these resolutions when compared with those from past years? 


One, I know deep in my heart that I want to meet these goals.

Two, they are realistic and attainable and measurable.

Three, I am putting them in writing online, above my desk, and sharing them with friends and family so that I will feel a sense of accountability.


For each area of my life, I have written 3 measurable, attainable goals and I will share one of each of them with you.



Clean out and de-clutter our family’s personal spaces and have a garage sale by March.  A portion of the profits will go to a charity chosen by our family and the rest will go towards Legoland annual passes (my kids’ favorite place in town.)



Personal Growth

Watch one breastfeeding-related webinar a month, to help grow my expertise as a practitioner.



Attend a yoga class 2-4 times a month to improve flexibility, stretch my aching back, and improve mindfulness.  Nature's Whisper Yoga, here I come!!!



Write the breastfeeding book that has been mulling around in my brain for the past year :-)  Stay tuned!!!



Significant Other

Show signs of affection every day to my husband, so that he will constantly know how much he is loved and appreciated.



Find ways to demonstrate and model compassion, such as choosing a family service project, once every two months, that we can all work on together to benefit an organization in our community.



Connect with my best girlfriends 2 nights a month over coffee, drinks, or exercise.


Fun and recreation

Participate in an outdoor activity with my kids after school at least once a week



What makes me most excited about these goals, and the additional ones written up on my wall above my desk, is that they are all interconnected.  Increasing time with my family and friends, while maximizing my time at work (while the kids are in school), will hopefully help me to find that balance that I so greatly desire.  Plus, not allowing any particular component to overshadow another feels really grounded and secure.


Here’s to a beautiful and connected new year for us all!  Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your lives and I look forward to supporting you all along your breastfeeding and parenting journey in the upcoming year!


Happy New Year!!!


What resolutions have you made for the upcoming year?