Have You Met My New Baby?

As many of you know, I birthed a new baby this past July.  No, not a real human baby, but a growing, evolving, bundle of joy podcast, called The Boob Group.  Over the last 5 months, this new addition to my ‘family’ has truly begun to blossom and come into her own.  And, since many of you haven’t had the privilege of meeting her yet, I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce her to you!

What Makes The Boob Group So Special?


It is truly the only podcast of its kind… I know, I know… isn’t this what all parents say about their offspring?  But, seriously, it’s true.  Each Boob Group episode melds expert breastfeeding advice with personal stories from breastfeeding moms; you get the clinical breastfeeding information you need (from some of the top experts in the field), as well as anecdotal stories that makes it all the more real. 


 Over the past few months, I have had the honor of having some of the most inspiring and courageous breastfeeding moms on the show.  Some of these moms breastfed against all odds.  Others had babies with extreme breastfeeding challenges.  Some enjoyed breastfeeding so immensely that they continued to nurse through pregnancy and then tandem nursed.  What they all had in common were incredibly touching and encouraging stories that brought a smile to my face and sometimes tears to my eyes.


How The Boob Group Has Grown?

When The Boob Group first started out, we were very timid.  We wanted to contact some famous lactation consultants, but hadn’t mustered up the courage yet.  We also had very few ways to interact with our listeners.  I mean, no one had really heard of us, so what could I expect.  Recently, we put our big girl pants on and decided to reach out to some of the most experienced international board certified lactation consultants to bring you cutting-edge breastfeeding advice.  In fact, I just had the pleasure of interviewing of Lisa Marasco, the co-author of The Breastfeeding Mother’s Guide to Making More Milk, about her most recent work on breastfeeding after a previously low milk supply. (Episode due out in November) 



Also, we now have a fantastic following on our Facebook page, which allows us to engage in meaningful conversation with our listeners, as well as ask all of you about your opinions and recommendations for episode topics.  We are also so grateful for Kellymom.com, who has shared our episodes frequently on her Facebook page, as well as Best for Babes who has mentioned us as one of the great resources for breastfeeding moms on the web (presented in a USLCA webinar).


How The Boob Group Will Continue to Grow?

As our little girl begins to sprout her wings, we hope to nurture her into a confident, wise, empowered online breastfeeding resource.  We will continue to offer non-judgmental, evidence-based breastfeeding information, advice, and personal stories.  We promise to share your stories of breastfeeding joys and struggles on The Boob Group blog.  We will consistently ask for your requests for episode topics and questions for our experts on our Facebook page (so don’t forget to ‘Like’ us.)  We will also continuously offer quality product reviews and super fun giveaways.  And, most of all, we will always strive to be the best online support group for all things breastfeeding. 


Our goal is to support all breastfeeding mothers along their journeys, no matter if they are offering 1 oz. or 40 oz. of breastmilk to their babies per day.  It’s all breastfeeding!


Thank you to everyone who has joined me in this beautiful journey!  I can’t wait to see what my little girl does next!


Do you have a recommendation for a topic for a Boob Group episode?

What has been your favorite episode so far?