How to Bring in Your Milk Supply More Quickly

Would you like to know the secret to bringing in your milk supply more quickly for your newborn?  Who wouldn’t, right?  If you have ever sat with a two-day old baby, there is nothing more a breastfeeding mom wants than to bring in her fuller milk supply….at that moment!  She wants to feel secure that she is feeding her baby.

Well, here’s the secret:  Hand Expression!


Depending on your labor/birth story, many moms will find that they need a little extra help bringing in their milk supply.  Other moms may have a newborn in the NICU and will need to express milk for their sweet baby.  Regardless of the situation, hand expression is the key to bringing in your milk supply more quickly and for creating a better milk supply for the upcoming months.

Mind-blowing statistic: Mothers who have been separated from their babies have been shown to produce 80% more milk when using hand expression 5 times a day for the first 3 days, in addition to the electric pump!


Regardless of your situation, hand expression can truly help to maximize your milk supply, much better than just pumping.

So, how do you hand express?


Here’s an informative video from Stanford University, demonstrating Hand Expression.  The ‘How-to’ section starts around 1:30min. 

Have you used Hand Expression?  What was your experience with it?