Our Breastfeeding Memoirs - Chapter One

In honor of World Milksharing Week, our first Breastfeeding Memoir author shares her story about donating milk to a very worthy cause.  Would you like to submit your breastfeeding memoir for publication?  If so, please see the details below...

From Young:

I was a pretty confident mama when nursing for the first month and a half. As soon as I started to feel like we were in the clear, I developed an overactive let-down. The next 6 weeks were completely agonizing. The pain of seeing your hungry baby reject your breast over and over again, no matter how hungry he is, cannot be adequately described. I was constantly breaking down, fearful for my baby's health and happiness.

During this time, I sought the help of a very caring and capable lactation consultant and although she armed me with many techniques and tips for easing the situation, I was never able to nurse my son with the same comfort and confidence we once shared. Feedings were very stressful for both of us.

At around 3 months, the lactation consultant helped me realize that providing milk by pumping was a healthy option. It was a difficult choice for me to accept because of the joy we had once shared nursing. She helped me realize that by pumping, not only would I provide healthy breast milk, but I could make feedings enjoyable again and that in no way was this a failure on my part.

I was able to feed our son exclusively breast milk for 12 months. Also, my milk supply was so abundant that when I was contacted to help a first time mom with a pre-mature baby whose milk had not fully come in yet, I was able to provide her a month’s worth of frozen milk. The joy and satisfaction I retain from this achievement is immeasurable.


We would love to hear your breastfeeding memoirs.  This is a place to share your triumphs and struggles, your successes and heartbreaks.   We need to share our stories.  Will you share yours with us?

Will you share your breastfeeding memoir? 

* Stories can be submitted for publication to this blog by emailing them to me at robinkaplan@sdbfc.com. Please keep them to 200 words or less. Before publication, stories will be edited only for minor spelling/grammatical errors. If the stories will be published in any other medium or venue, other than this blog, your permission will be obtained. Feel free to widely share this post and encourage others to also submit their stories. Deadline for memoir submissions is November 1.