Our Breastfeeding Memoirs

Will you share your breastfeeding memoir? 

I am in love with memoirs! I love the glimpse I get into another person's life. I love hearing a person’s inner most thoughts and connecting with her soul.  The power of one’s personal story is intense and sometimes overwhelming. 


Last Saturday, I had the honor of attending a Red Tent Event.  For 4 hours, I cried, laughed, ached, and bonded with the other women in the room as we shared our birth stories.  Some were stories of joy.  Others were ones of heartbreak and healing.  In the end, the memoirs of the women involved had touched my life in ways that were indescribable.  And the guilt that was released from my soul after sharing my son’s birth story I will never be able to describe.  The calmness that has set over me has  initiated a healing that I have been trying to uncover for years. 


My lactation consultant colleague, Amber McCann, has been collecting breastfeeding memoirs on her blog, as a way to provide a place for moms to find their voices.  I was so empowered by sharing my birth story last weekend, that I was inspired provide a space for other moms to feel that empowerment as well.   Our collective stories help to normalize our situations.  You are not alone in this journey of motherhood. 


That being said, I would love to hear your breastfeeding memoirs.  This is a place to share your triumphs and struggles, your successes and heartbreaks.   We need to share our stories. 

Will you share yours with us?


* Stories can be submitted for publication to this blog by emailing them to me at robinkaplan@sdbfc.com. Please keep them to 100 words or less. Before publication, stories will be edited only for minor spelling/grammatical errors. If the stories will be published in any other medium or venue, other than this blog, your permission will be obtained. Feel free to widely share this post and encourage others to also submit their stories. Deadline for memoir submissions is November 1.